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Cartmel Light Grey Kitchens

Take a look through 10 of our currently stocked kitchen ranges. These ranges consist of multiple styles, including contemporary, traditional and classic. These kitchens also boast over 20 colours in 3 paint varieties. To view each kitchen in the range simply click on the red button corresponding to each section. This will direct you to a full range page. To view these kitchen ranges as well as many others remember to visit our Blackpool Showroom.


Cartmel Sage Green Kitchens

The Cartmel range consists of 10 distinct coloured chic cabinets. These cabinets are designed with a refined contemporary look set to be a long-lasting trend. With shaker door styles and muted colours these kitchens are an instant hit for those wanting a modern kitchen with traditional ties.

Cartmel cabinets feature tongue and groove panels to add another traditional influence to all of their products making a one of kind contemporary traditional mix. This blend of styles ensures that these kitchens fit perfectly into a range of modern and classic chic kitchens.

Available in: White, Light Grey, Stone, Oak, Cashmere, Dust Grey, Mussel, Ivory, Dakar and Sage Green.

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Lecente Gloss

Lucente Anthracite Gloss Kitchens

The Lucente Kitchen Range offers uncompromising style with its distinct sleek contemporary look. This trendy kitchen range is a perfect example of cutting-edge design modernism. The modern sharp designs still lie heavily in classic design creating a modern while yet chic appearance.

This range features both curved and solid edges both creating a different atmosphere in any modern kitchen. In addition to these alternative designs these cabinets come in a range of colours from bold anthracite to muted colours such as cream and white. Lucente kitchens are fresh and avant-garde ideas thrust into functional contemporary depictions.

Available in: Anthracite, Porcelain, Stone, Pavilion, Grey, Cashmere, Cream and White.

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Lecente Matt

Lucente White Matt Kitchens

The Lucente Matt Kitchen Range has a distinct contemporary design with sleek cubic features. The cubic features combined with the minimalist appearance creates a postmodernism design style. The classic styling is directly countered by modern influence creating a perfect contemporary harmony.

This range just like the gloss Lucente Range features both curved and solid edge cabinet. The cabinets come in a range of colours from of muted and bold colours to create your perfect kitchen atmosphere. Lucente Gloss kitchens are stylish ideas thrust into functional contemporary designs to create an ideal combination of style and utility.

Available in: Anthracite, Cashmere, Stone, Light Grey, Cream and White.

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Vivo Gloss

Vivo Gloss Ivory Kitchens

Vivo Gloss Kitchens create a beautiful minimalist look without losing any functionality or style. The gloss paint used to cover these high-quality units are specifically picked to cover a range of kitchen aesthetics ensuring personification is available to create the ideal atmosphere for your kitchen.

Each of the colours available create clear definition from all surfaces in a modern kitchen to create a complete contemporary feel.

The minimalist low profile of the cabinets ensures a relaxed organised atmosphere. The minimalist profile is personalised with the choice between curved edges and sharp straight lines to ensure that both modern and traditional forms of minimalism are catered for.

Available in: Cashmere, Stone, Ivory, Light Grey, Porcelain, Anthracite and White.

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Vivo Matt

Vivo Matt White Kitchens

The Vivo Matt Range is a highly customisable collection of contemporary cabinets available in 5 distinct colours. These 5 distinct colours were specifically picked not to overpower the room and instead add an effortless flow from room to room perfect for both open plan and enclosed kitchens.

The clean simple designs available in the Vivo Matt Range create a functional stylish kitchen with both quality and style built to last. The customisation options include a range of highly functional storage solutions to ensure that every kitchen utensil and appliance has a dedicated easy to reach and organise space. More customisation options include either curved or cubic designs to create a bespoke kitchen aesthetic.

Available in: Ivory, Anthracite, Cashmere, White and Light Grey.

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Oxford Mussel Kitchens

The Oxford Kitchen Range is perfect for modern functional living, a minimal amount of glass is used in Oxford kitchens to ensure your kitchen has a clean minimalist appearance without losing any functionality or storage space.

The Oxford frames have a reduced profile in comparison to the majority of modern cabinets available allowing more floor space and more versatility in kitchen installations.

This range is available in both muted relaxing hue as well as bright vibrant tones to suit the perfect kitchen you desire with a high quality-finish. Combine Oxford kitchens with either dark or light wood combinations to create a perfect contrast and accentuate the crisp designs available.

Available in: Stone, Anthracite, Light Grey, Mussel, Ivory, Cashmere and White.

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Glacier Aubergine & Jasmine Kitchens

The Glacier Range is one of our smallest ranges with only two available colour schemes but is redeemed simply due to its unique two-tone schemes. Many modern kitchens lean towards a single main colour for all of their cabinets. The Glacier Range has roots in postmodernism & minimalist ideas instilled in the 70’s with bright vibrant colours.

Two-tone kitchens are sure to make a lasting impression on any who visit them due to their rare numbers in modern kitchens. If you are looking for a bright memorable kitchen with links in 70’s design movements with complete modern functionalities then Glacier kitchens are for you.

Available in: Aubergine & Jasmine and Noche & Sand Beige

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Lastra Fjord Kitchens

The Lastra Kitchen Range is available in 6 distinct colours most notably the unique colour Fjord, a light blue Scandinavian colour designed to create the same blue effect as seen in Fjord valleys formed by glaciers.

With both curved and cubic styles, the Lastra Kitchen is designed to suit a range of kitchen types. Lastra Kitchens are heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism the current leading minimalist designers.

The high on-trend matt finish enables the range of colours to ‘pop’ and stand out against a range of wall and floor colouring while maintaining high quality long lasting appearance.

Available in: Stone Grey, Fjord, Cashmere, White, Mussel and Light Grey.

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Windsor Dust Grey Oak Kitchens

Windsor Kitchens are ideal examples of pure solid timbers beauty and quality in a kitchen and the connection with nature perfectly blended with a domestic home feeling for a relaxed atmosphere.

Windsor kitchens are all hand-painted allowing a higher control of quality and strength combined with beaded detailing from the timber allowing the grain details to seep through the coat of paint.

The Windsor Kitchen range is based all around creating a traditional kitchen with a unique contemporary twist that is expertly introduced without over-powering the original charm and character.

Available in: Oak, Grey, Dust Grey, Mussel and Ivory.

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Boston & Portland

Boston Kitchens

If you are looking for classical design in a modern kitchen then the Boston & Portland Ranges are for you. These kitchens are designed specifically to fit every specification of a classical kitchen while incorporating fresh and innovative storage.

The Boston & Portland Range has only one colour scheme, classic cream, this may sound like lack of choice but instead shows that the range was designed from the ground up based purely on classic influence fitting the cream colour scheme that filled the 1950’s perfectly.

The muted cream colour scheme allows for bold and eye-catching decor from signature pieces. This muted 1950’s colour scheme is what gave way for beautiful bright decoration of pop art and post modernism colours.

Available in: Classic Cream.

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Cambridge Dust Grey Kitchens

Cambridge Kitchens are designed specifically to provide a classic yet modern feel with a range of muted yet vibrant colours available. The matt finish ensures a crisp sleek designed made to last.

The traditional shaker style doors are hand-painted to ensure the highest quality is available and personal care was taken with every cabinet. The traditional shaker style doors are designed to be a mix of classic design traditions and modern contemporary twists available in 5 hand painted colours.

The 5 hand painted cabinets that are available are created using quality oak and rich colourful paints specifically picked for their ability to stand out while not overpowering the grain ensuring the rustic charm that accompanies oak is still readily available.

Available in: Oak, Dust Grey, Ivory, Mussel and Light Grey.

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